Ionic 5 Camera Native Plugin Tutorial

In this article, we will learn How to use Native Camera of the device in Ionic 5 Angular application using Native plugin and Cordova wrappers to access device features.

The Native Camera plugin allows an application to click photos or get them from the phone’s own gallery. There are also a number of configuration options available to select the quality of clicked snap, the format of Image clicked, default Camera selection from Front or Back, etc. We will discuss them further. Continue reading “Ionic 5 Camera Native Plugin Tutorial”

Ionic 5 SQLite Database Quick Example | CRUD Operations

In this article, we will implement SQLite Database in Ionic 5 Angular based application by using SQLite Native plugin.

SQLite is used to set up a local device database that can be used to store data using SQL queries. We can easily do basic CRUD operations on data like Create, Retrieve, Update or Delete Data table rows.

It is a storage database that is available for native devices like an Android phone, so we can only test it on a real device. Continue reading “Ionic 5 SQLite Database Quick Example | CRUD Operations”

Angular SelectBox/ DropDown with Filter and Virtual Scroll features

How about adding some powerful features to your traditional select box or drop-down controls from where a user can select single or multiple values.

The ng-select package is widely used in Angular projects as it is very easy to install and features add up more on performance and make user interactions friendly.

Here we will discuss how to install and configure the ng-select component, also discuss its important features with examples. Continue reading “Angular SelectBox/ DropDown with Filter and Virtual Scroll features”